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At Gordon Morris we understand that Theatres, Auditoriums, Conferencing Halls alike pride themselves on being easily accessible, welcoming and comfortable for all their visitors.

In an ideal world, hard of hearing people would be able to hear sound through their hearing aids, however, in large environments such as an auditorium, sound is easily lost, background noise is exacerbated and the distance from the stage to the seating areas is too far for the hearing aid to pick up speech clearly.

Theatre & Cinema 2There are a variety of solutions that can be applied within a theatre style setting to improve the quality of sound for hearing and the hearing impaired.

Gordon Morris has extensive knowledge and experience of recommending, supplying and installing assistive hearing equipment and Infrared Systems for hearing or visually impaired individuals.

Fixed Theatre Loop & Cinema Loop Sound System

sls300A static or installed hearing loop system allows a hearing aid user (fitted with a telecoil ~ T switch) to hear speech and sound from the main stage throughout the entire auditorium. Our professional sound engineering team combined with quality loop amplifiers from UniVox, enables the end user to hear and enjoy any lecture, show or production, without interference or annoying background noise.

We recommend that UniVox Superloops are installed into theatre auditoriums. These quality amplifiers work well over large areas and are low spill; this avoids sound over spilling into other areas of the venue and restricts interference from other electrical or audiovisual equipment that is being used within close proximity.

Infrared Systems for Theatre & Cinema

Infrared systems are widely used within a theatre auditorium setting being the preferred choice of many installers.

IRreceiver_000Infrared assistive hearing systems, provide an ideal solution for individuals with both a hearing loss and or visual impairment. The Infrared system requires patrons to use a headset or neck loop receiver, which is supplied by the venue (via ticket or reception counter) and are fully rechargeable.

One of the many benefits of an Infrared system within a theatre is that the system can be used as either a single or two channel system, Channel 1 to provide a hearing loop system to deaf and hard of hearing people and Channel 2 for audio descriptions for people with a visual impairment.

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