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Providing appropriate assistive hearing equipment or induction loop systems can be difficult, in a health care settings.

There is often a need for multiple systems in this environment. Systems can be required at reception, in the waiting room and in consulting areas/rooms.

The issue of confidentiality complicates this. Traditional loop systems “overspill” jeopardising the patient’s privacy.

To avoid this happening it may be wise to look at infra red systems or personal assistive hearing solutions such as the Comfort DigiSystem, Contego or Duett.

It is not only members of the public that may require assistance with their hearing but members of staff .

We can advise on suitable equipment that may be purchased via the Access to Work scheme. This includes the Littmann Electronic Stethoscope 3200.

How To Buy A Hospital Hearing & Hospital Deaf Hearing System

  1. If you know the product/s you require, you can call the office and place the order directly with a member of staff.
  2. Visit our online shop, create an account, select the items you require, then go to the checkout and pay by credit/debit card. Payment is safe and secure.
  3. Orders may be placed via the post or by fax.

Alternatively you may like to contact us before you buy, for advice on products or installation costs. A no obligation quotation can be provided upon request.

You can shop online direct or call our team for immediate response and advice.

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