Sports Hall Loop & Audio Loop System

Gordon Morris Sports Hall Loop & Audio Loop System

Sports Halls are environments where the constant sound of balls hitting walls, participants shouting, and all the sounds associated with other sports take place.

This combined with poor acoustics, long reverberation times and echo leads to a poor experience for the hearing impaired. Not only this, large areas, such as sports halls, have many issues and factors that need to be considered when choosing what loop system is required.

The most common solution would be a conventional perimeter loop; however we at Gordon Morris know that this is not sufficient for a sports hall.

Standard perimeter loops are not effective enough in large areas, as you would expect a reduction in volume and sound quality (a dip in magnetic field strength) in the centre of the room. Added to this, when a building is constructed using large quantities of steel (often used in sports hall builds), the reduction in loop performance increases even further.

The SLS system cancels out these issues, and works effectively within these larger areas by using at least eight smaller loops.

We at Gordon Morris understand the complexities of sports halls, and when recommending systems, we always take in to account what type of system would be most effective, and where microphones should be placed within the build, whilst considering the factors that can affect their overall performance.

To understand the different solutions & benefits of each system view our product pages and take a look at the work we did at Norton Hill Secondary School and Sports Centre.

“Gordon Morris has successfully provided an effective hearing system that benefits our hard of hearing pupils and customers. The Gordon Morris technical team were fast and efficient in their installation and the service during and since the work has been excellent.”
Norton Hill Secondary School and Sports Centre – Midsomer Norton, Near Bath

How To Buy A Sports Hall Loop or Audio Loop System

Purchasing an assistive hearing system from us, for use by your hearing impaired spectators or sports participants is easy.

We have experience of installing equipment in these facilities and understand the difficulties that may arise during the installation process.

We will work with you from start to finish to make your purchasing experience as simple as possible.

Contact us before you buy, for advice on suitable products and or installation costs. A no obligation quotation can be provided upon request.

You can shop online direct or call our team for immediate response and advice.

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