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What is a Portable Loop system?

A portable loop system is designed to be easily transferable from room to room and is suitable for one-to -one communication with a hearing aid user that has the hearing aid in the T position. The product requires no wiring or set up and has rechargeable batteries that allows the product to be located anywhere in a room.

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The Way it works

The induction loop is a small completely portable loop system that creates a small magnetic field from the unit. There is a microphone located in the back of the unit that allows speech to be picked up, an amplifier produces a current and creates a magnetic field.

How it can help

The resulting magnetic field can the be picked up by a hearing aid user when they switch their hearing instrument to the T position. The user is then able to hear audible sound very clearly with the background noise reduced, the portable loop has a range of 1m and is typically used a loop will provide audio to any hearing aid user within the magnetic field.

We recommend

Choosing the right loop system does require support from a loop engineer, so we recommend that when looking for a loop system that you contact one of our engineers who will be able to provide an evaluation and advice on the best system and ensure it meets your requirements.

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