Loop System vs Phonak Roger

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We have all heard of the loop system or have seen the logo in our
local shop or post office, most recognising that the hearing loop
(sometimes called an audio induction loop) provides a magnetic,
wireless signal that is picked up by a hearing aid when it is set to
‘T’ (Telecoil) setting.

Here at Gordon Morris, we offer a range of induction loops including
domestic, commercial, portable, counter and infrared as well as
necessary accessories such as receivers, microphones, tape or

What’s next in the world of hearing aid equipment?

Alongside carrying these popular devices, we are proud to offer
Phonak Roger ™, a range of accessories to help improve hearing
and speech understanding in even the most noisy environments.

Benefits of Roger:

• A hassle free solution – Roger automatically adapts to the
environment around you

• Hearing aid wearers understand almost 10x better with
Roger in noise and over distance vs people with normal

• Compatible with all makes and models of hearing aids

• Can help you hear clearly up to a range of 20m

Wondering if they will work for you?

Roger for everyone:

Regardless of what hearing aid or cochlear implant you use, there is
a compatible Roger receiver that’s right for you. The receivers
transmit the signal from a Roger microphone straight to your
hearing aid or cochlear implant. Amazingly, some of the very latest
hearing technology no longer requires a receiver to be fitted to
your hearing aid.

Commercial and education

There are a range of custom products for your environment
whether you’re a school, restaurant, business or any other
community in which you have large groups of the public in your
area. We have a solution that will work for you

Visit our website and look through the entire Phonak Roger System
collection here: https://gordonmorris.wpengine.com/phonak-rogersystem/phonak-roger-microphones/

We are here to help – if you have any questions don’t hesitate to
contact us on 01458 272121 or email us at info@gordonmorris.co.uk

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