Village Hall Hearing Loop

Gordon Morris Village Hall Hearing Loop

Village halls are often at the centre of community life and as so, stand to the serve the community as a whole. Playing host to a vast array of community groups covering all of the general public, from parent and toddler groups, keep fit classes and amateur dramatic productions and wedding receptions.

Hall committees, trustees or local authority owners, will want to be compliant with the latest Equality Act 2010 making their facilities available to everyone. All too often provisions are made for the more visible disability – mobility, and the invisible disability of hearing impairment is forgotten.

When considering a major refurbishment these halls and buildings, which are classed as a service provider will need to consider what reasonable adjustments can be made. These can be as simple as adding an induction hearing loop to your existing PA system or something a little more complex as funds allow.

Here at Gordon Morris we can help and advise you. We can survey, specify and install a complete package, but we don’t just stop there, we offer system training and an annual servicing option.

Installation & Specification Services for Village and Community Hall Hearing Loop

We supply specialist equipment from Swedish manufacturers Bo Edin AB and Comfort Audio, among others. These brands have been selected by Gordon Morris for their commitment to quality, innovation and functionality.

We understand that every customers need is unique, therefore we will tailor a suitable system, using this high quality equipment, in accordance with your individual specification.

Gordon Morris is committed to always delivering optimal performance. Our engineers strive to provide superb service to our customers and to produce solutions that offer robust functionality and excellent quality.
We aim to always act with integrity in producing an installation that meets your needs – and the needs of your hearing impaired customers.

So sure are we of the quality of our installations we also offer you the protection of a full one-year warranty. It is this professionalism that has made us the reliable choice for all of our clients, including some who have turned to us when they were let down by other installers.

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