Roger: Bridging the understanding gap

Roger is the digital standard, providing outstanding performance in noise and over distance by wirelessly transmitting a speaker’s voice directly to the listener’s hearing aids. 

Roger offers a staggering breakthrough in signal-to-noise ratio and guarantees access to new levels of speech understanding. 

Phonak Roger Microphones

Why Use Roger?

Modern hearing instruments or cochlear implants greatly improve hearing and understanding in the near field. However, in noisy situations, fewer than half of users are satisfied with hearing aids alone. Hearing sounds from further than 1.5m / 6 feet away requires an extra boost, especially in the presence of background noise. Roger provides that boost. 

Roger microphones, developed especially for challenging listening situations, reduce background noise and make hearing and understanding enjoyable, even in noisy environments (such as restaurants or at a distance from the speaker). 

How does Roger work?

Roger microphones make use of intelligent and adaptive algorithms that continuously measure and precisely analyse noise levels. If the noise level increases, the volume of the Roger receivers automatically increases in response. Even as high as 80 dB(A), this adaptive behavior results in optimal speech understanding. 

The result: instead of the user being ‘deafened’ by increased amplification, the user experiences a comfortable and clear sound. 

gordon morris
gordon morris

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