Hearing Loop Installations and Maintenance

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gordon morris

One-Year Warranty

Enjoy complete peace of mind with the protection of a full one-year warranty

From discussing your needs and surveying your building, through to installation and aftercare, Gordon Morris offers a complete package for commercial, industrial, educational, public and religious premises.

When you invest in assistive hearing equipment you need to be sure that it is effective for the hearing aid user. We understand that every customer’s need is unique, so we work to tailor a suitable system, using high quality equipment, in accordance with your individual specification.

No matter what hearing loop solution you require our sound engineers will analyse needs, specify the correct products based on best practice and provide a full installation.

This service is more than just an engineer fitting your chosen equipment but a complete package. We provide a full testing procedure, and training on using and managing your new equipment.

It is this professionalism that has made us the reliable choice for all of our clients, including some who have turned to us when they were let down by other installers.

Hearing Loop Maintenance and Service

Hearing loops like many electrical and audio systems do require maintenance and service to ensure they continue to work effectively and to maximise their life span. We recommend for any loop that an annual service is carried out and we will ensure you receive a full report and recommendations we will also provide full certification.

Existing Loop Evaluation, Repairs and Service

For any building that has a loop installed we offer a full evaluation service , we can measure how effectively the existing loop is operating, make recommendations on any improvement and quote and complete any repairs or even offer training on how to operate the system. At Gordon Morris we have over 35 years’ experience of every type of loop systems including infrared, portable and fixed system.

If your building has a hearing loop system and you require some advice, a repair or simply to have its effectiveness checked please contact us at:

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