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Council Chambers are not only rooms where committees meet to discuss important issues and subjects; they can also act as a facility for the general public.

Points on the agenda at these meetings may require confidentiality and privacy from non-council/other members, therefore a normal conventional loop system is not sufficient in offering this service. It is important that all attendees can listen and take part within proceedings; therefore equipment that supports the hearing impaired is a key requirement.

For deaf and hard of hearing people this means providing suitable and effective assistive hearing equipment. The range of equipment that can be found on the market today is very diverse and complex. Not only is knowledge of the equipment essential, understanding the structure of the building as well as the purpose is important when deciding the most effective solution.

For that reason, Gordon Morris recommends systems such as the low-overspill induction loop systems that we can supply and or install.

The UniVox SLS systems control the overspill of the loop horizontally and vertically. Therefore not only can it offer confidentiality, it makes it possible to install SLS systems in adjoining meeting rooms without any interference.

Additional or alternative sound equipment.

Induction Loop Systems are not the only solution or requirement that a council chamber may require. The council may require a portable solution or even a congress system. Gordon Morris can offer these solutions too.

To understand the different solutions & benefits of each system speak to one of our advisor’s today.

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How To Buy A Council Chambers & Chamber Hearing Systems

Here at Gordon Morris we understand the complexities involved with installing sound enhancement equipment for council buildings and particularly the chambers. Our engineers will discuss the options and provide you with a written quotation.

Site surveys and meetings are recommended and this can be arranged by contacting the installation team.

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