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Gordon Morris Counter Loop & Counter Induction Loop Systems

For people who have difficulty with hearing, everyday situations like a trip to the supermarket, a visit to the bank or checking in at a hotel, can be difficult at the best of times.

However an Across the Counter System (counter Loop) can be the difference between hearing nothing and understanding everything.

Providing clear sound and speech to the hearing aid user. The counter loop system offers a powerful solution that can be easily installed in any counter situation.

A choice of microphone ensures adaptability to the site’s conditions. The flexibility of the induction loop pad allows it to be fitted to the counter in a way that produces the maximum possible speech perception.

These systems use the CLS- 1 amplifier and have a discreetly placed microphone and loop pad, which can be used through security glass.

This type of system enables any number of hearing aid users to listen to speech from microphones, radios, TV’s and other inputs.

An Alternative Solution

Here at Gordon Morris we now have an alternative to the normal counter loop. The loop mat.

Rather than placing a loop pad within the counter, a loop mat can be placed on the floor where the customer stands, this mat produces a magnetic field in which the hearing aid can pick and deliver clear speech.

We have also used these within a museum situation for use with audio displays.

How to buy a Counter Induction Loop System

To purchase an assistive hearing system for use by your hearing impaired visitors or employees is as easy as 1,2,3.

  1. If you know the product/s you require, you can call the office and place the order directly with a member of staff.
  2. Visit our online shop, create an online account, select the items you require, then go to the checkout and pay by credit/debit card. Payment is safe and secure.
  3. Orders may be placed via the post.

Alternatively you may like to contact us before you buy, for advice on products or installation costs. A no obligation quotation can be provided upon request.

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