School, College, University, Hearing Loops & Sound Systems

School, College, University, Hearing Loops & Sound Systems

It has been argued for several years that school buildings are renowned for poor acoustics and the problem is further aggravated by ambient noise from electrical equipment such as interactive white boards, overhead projectors and other AV-equipment.

Teachers and students who have a hearing loss can encounter difficulties in communicating daily. A minimum of 45% of a young person’s school day is spent engaged in listening activities within school buildings such as sports halls, drama or art studios’ and classrooms. There have been many studies that indicate even the brightest students with a hearing impairment, will struggle to follow the simplest lessons.

Teachers often suffer from vocal strain after having to raise their voices to be heard and research has shown that among the benefits of sound enhancement system; absences amongst teachers are reduced and the concentration, attention span and comprehension of the students significantly improve.

At Gordon Morris we understand the complexities of the school environment and when recommending systems, we always take into account what type of system would be most effective; fixed or portable loops, infra-red, sound-field, or radio aid systems and the factors that can affect with their overall performance.

How to buy a Hearing Loop or Sound System

Purchasing an assistive hearing system from us, for use by your hearing impaired staff or students is easy.

We have many years experience installing equipment in these facilities and understand the difficulties that may arise in the installation process.

We will work with you from start to finish to make your purchasing experience as simple as possible.

Contact us before you buy, for advice on suitable products and or installation costs.

A no obligation quotation can be provided upon request.

You can shop online direct or call our team for immediate response and advice.

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