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Gordon Morris Museum & Tour Guide Hearing Systems

Museums, heritage sites and art galleries are always popular places to visit. As a public attraction, these establishments try hard to ensure that all visitors receive the same experience and service often utilising Tour Guide Systems.

It is important that premises or venues are fully accessible; this means that areas such as gift shops, reception halls, restaurants, exhibition rooms and importantly, any guided tours have suitable equipment readily available.

In October 2010, the Equality Act came into force, expanding and enforcing the Disability Discrimination Act, this aims to ensure that public places and services are accessible to all and appropriate adaptations and enhancements are made not just to tick a compliance box.

For deaf and hard of hearing people this means providing suitable and effective assistive hearing equipment. The range of equipment that can be found on the market today is diverse and complex. Knowledge of the equipment’s capabilities is essential, as is an understanding of the structure of the building or location which will ensure the most effective equipment is provided.

At Gordon Morris, we offer an entire range of portable and multi-user assistive listening devices for guided tours, as well as quality professional audio solutions ideal for installing within museums, studios & galleries. With over 35 years experience we can advise, supply, install and or maintain the chosen solution ensuring accessibility to deaf or hard of hearing visitors.

How To Buy A Museum Or Tour Guide Hearing System

Purchasing an assistive hearing system for use by your hearing impaired visitors or employees is simple.

For further advice on suitable products or installation costs contact us before you buy. A no obligation quotation can be provided upon request.

Ordering is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Once you know the product/s you require, you can call the office and place the order directly with a member of staff.
  2. Visit our online shop, create an online account, select the items you require, then go to the checkout and pay by credit/debit card. Payment is safe and secure.
  3. Orders may be placed via the post.

You can shop online direct or call our team for immediate response and advice.

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