Roger Touchscreen Mic

£585.00 Excl VAT


Roger Touchscreen Mic

£585.00 Excl VAT

This simple and intuitive FM system will ensure children with hearing loss are able to hear in the classroom. Teachers can wear this microphone around their neck or place on a table so that speech from a group of students can be detected.

Top performer

Up to 54% improvement of speech understanding over other FM systems

Fully automatic

The new Roger Touchscreen Mic automatically switches from an individual talker to a small group interaction mode, depending on its placement

Peace of mind

With its intuitive indicator lights and user-friendly interface Roger Touchscreen Mic allows both teachers and students to actively participate in the modern classroom with ease

The perfect match

The compatible choice for just about every hearing aid, cochlear implant and soundfield amplification system


Active participation in the modern classroom

In order to fully participate, every child needs to hear not only the teacher, but also classmates and multimedia devices within the classroom. The Roger Touchscreen Mic is the ultimate FM system solution for every situation.

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