Portable Conference System

£5,679.00 Excl VAT


Portable Conference System

£5,679.00 Excl VAT

The portable conference system is designed to support multiple hearing impaired attendees within a larger conferencing environment. The system also provides a soundfield ensuring speech is hear clearly by all attendees within the conference room.

The system is made up of different types of microphones, these work as a network and send signals to both the Digimaster speaker system and the MyLink, a personal loop system. The presenter or main speaker uses the Touchscreen Mic as the master microphone and for any delegates within the room the Pass-Around Mics are used. For any delegates that are hearing impaired a Mylink is worn which allows signal to be sent from all microphones directly into their hearing aid(s) via the telecoil function, or if preferred a pair of headphones.

Equipment included is:

5 X Roger MyLink receivers
7 X Roger Pass-Around Mics and stands
1 X Digimaster 7000 with stand and storage bag
1 X Touchscreen Mic
1 X Audio Hub
1 X A pair of headphones

All products contained in a sturdy, light weight and easily transportable aluminium case with full instructions, the Digimaster complete with stand and storage bag.

We also offer a variety of additional options to support more delegates


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