Phonak Roger 10 type 02 Integrated Receiver

£510.00 Excl VAT


Phonak Roger 10 type 02 Integrated Receiver

£510.00 Excl VAT

Roger 10 (02) Integrated Receiver is identical to the Roger 10 (03) and compatible with the same Phonak hearing aids but communicates with all the following microphones:

  • Touchscreen Mic
  • Roger Inspiro
  • Pass-around Mic
  • Roger Dynamic Mic
  • Table Mic
  • Roger Pen
  • Roger EasyPen
  • Clip-On Mic

To tell the difference, remove the battery and you will see either 10 (02) or 10 (03).

The 02 is mainly used in education. If you only require a receiver to work with any of the Roger Pen, EasyPen, Clip-on Mic or Table Mic then buy the Roger X (03).

This is a receiver that is integrated with the battery compartment with a range of colours available to match your Phonak hearing aid.


It fits easily to your hearing aid by removing your existing battery and replacing it with the Roger 10 (02). This receiver offers a smaller profile and fewer parts than a Roger X with an audio shoe. The receiver is also powered from the hearing aid battery.

To work as part of your hearing aid your audiologist will have to activate the FM setting but apart from that the only other set up is the very easy connection with your Phonak Microphone Transmitter.

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