Digi Master 5000

£707.00 Excl VAT


Digi Master 5000

£707.00 Excl VAT

A new era in classroom amplification

Better listening

Better hearing results and improved learning

Less repetition

Teachers can spend less time repeating themselves and more time getting on with the lesson

An orderly classroom

Teachers are better able to give instructions and manage their students

Greater vocal comfort

Teachers don't have to raise their voices to be heard

Combined performance

Maximise understanding for kids with a personal Roger or FM system


The best learning happens when students can hear clearly, and teachers can talk at a comfortable level. Classroom noise, distance and poor acoustics can make for challenging learning and teaching conditions. With best-in-class sound and plug-and-play simplicity, Roger Dynamic SoundField provides improved classroom acoustic conditions – and improved learning for your child.

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