How does a portable hearing loop work?

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When considering the variety of devices that are available to aid your hearing, it is helpful to understand how this technology works. Here we explore the technology behind a hearing aid loop system and how it works.

What is a hearing loop and how does it work?

A hearing loop refers to a system that is used to provide sound for people who already wear hearing aids in the position of a T directly into their hearing aids. This is typical in a large conference, public exhibition or another large event. If you suffer from hearing loss, this system can be a lifesaver. Not only does it provide inclusivity, but it ensures a person with heard of hearing can enjoy all the benefits that someone with normal hearing has without any other devices.

The induction loop system helps anyone who wears hearing aids to pick up sound and helps to enhance sound quality by minimising background noise. Rather than distracting yourself with trying to block out noisy chatter, you can pay attention to the main discussion.

What is the technology behind the system?

Put simply, the portable hearing loop transmits an audio signal into hearing aids using a magnetic field.

The sound source is picked up using a connection, where the signal is then connected to a loop driver. This driver creates a current that transfers the signal to a copper wire or tape loop. This magnetic field is then picked up on by the T-coil in the hearing aid itself. The hearing aid then does the rest of the work – adjusting the sound to the individual’s needs. The sound is transferred into the ear canal with the entire spectrum of frequency that enables it to be understood.

In order to work, the individuals must be situated within the area that is ‘looped’.

Installing the system

This system does require to be installed by a profession to ensure it provides maximum benefit, however there a number of personal loop systems that can be provide such as the Phonak Roger range that can also provide all the benefits of a loop but are more portable.

For more information about portable loop products, or any other handheld aid accessories contact Gordon Morris today. Our qualified sound technicians will be able to identify a hearing solution that meets your exact needs.

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