7 Things You Need To Know About Hearing Aid Loops

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A special sound system that helps people with impaired hearing is something that should be widely available, especially at places frequently visited by a lot of people.

As it gets used by more and more public venues, here’s what you need to know about this useful DLS Hearing Loop system.

It works on a magnetic signal

A microphone picks up speech, an amplifier translates it to a signal which is then emitted through an antenna so it can be picked up throughout the area of setting. A signal is a magnetic wave detectable only by a telecoil.

No need for a receiver

The signal is designed to be picked up by any person with a hearing aid that has the Telecoil option on. This way there’s no need for headsets or other devices and additional staff and equipment.

Can be used by multiple people at the same time

The Hearing Aid Loop can be used by any number of people in the same room without any obstruction to the signal. It’s also unaffected by other devices and their network signals.

Hearing Aid Loops block background noise

Another useful feature of the system is that it blocks the external noise so that the signal can be heard without the intrusion of people talking or other sounds.

The DLS Loop can be installed in any limited area

Whether it’s an amphitheatre, a meeting room, a church or a taxi, hearing aid loops can be easily installed in most places, as long as a cable – a wire that sends the signal directly to a hearing aid – is placed around the perimeter of the area.

They are concealed and unobtrusive

The Hearing Aid Loop system is basically invisible and doesn’t affect activities in a given area in any way. The device is subtle and easily camouflaged.

Cost-effective solution for your venue

With this sound system, you get your money’s worth. It is affordable and its quality guarantees it’s a sound investment.

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