UniVox CLS-1 System 1 (with cable & clips)

£142.66 Excl VAT


UniVox CLS-1 System 1 (with cable & clips)

£142.66 Excl VAT

The UniVox CLS-1 Hearing Amplifier series of induction loop amplifiers have been designed for use in smaller locations for hearing aid users, such as reception areas and waiting rooms.

When the hearing aid user demands stability and reliability from a hearing amplifier, the Univox CLS-1 will deliver even in difficult and challenging environments. This results in your hard of hearing customers being more satisfied through better hearing; reflecting better customer services, communications and sales for you.

This hearing amplifier system covers an area of 50m².

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The loop amplifier system enables a number of hearing aid users to listen to speech from microphones, radio, television, hi-fi and live performances.

With its built-in monitor it is easy to check and maintain excellent sound quality.

The CLS-1 is protected against short circuits, can be wall or rack-mounted and represents a proven, high-quality hearing amplifier solution and comes with a 2 year warranty.

Hearing Amplifier Ideal For:

Ideal for working and domestic environments such as receptions, living rooms, bedrooms, counselling rooms, small classrooms, small meeting and conference rooms, nursing homes, community lounges, and all other small to medium public places. If you are not sure what product is best for your environment then call for free advice on 01458 272121.

The CLS-1 is available in varying kits:

System 2: with loop pad
System 3: with complete car kit

If you would like to use the CLS-1 in the car, please go to CLS-1 System 3 product page as this system comes with the all the relevant parts for fitting in a vehicle.

Installation Services for Hearing Amplifiers

Professional installation can help maximise the distribution and use of this product and we provide installation services for this hearing amplifier loop system. Free advice and information is just a call away. 01458 272121.

About UniVox Hearing Amplifiers

UniVox are one of the leading hearing amplifier manufacturers in Europe and compared to the cheaper hearing amplifiers on the market UniVox has the highest amplification. This results in all hearing aid users being able to use your hearing loop system effectively and ensures you maximise communications with all your customers, whilst ensuring DDA requirements are compliant.

Contact Us for more advice and hearing amplifier product information.

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