Phonak Roger Focus II Receiver

£509.07£643.60 Excl VAT


Phonak Roger Focus II Receiver

£509.07£643.60 Excl VAT

Roger Focus II boasts an array of features, including rechargeability, lockable volume control, SlimTube and tamperproof battery door. It comes in two models: rechargeable (Roger Focus II) and a Zinc Air battery version (Roger Focus II-312). Roger Focus II-312 has a tamperproof battery door; keeping batteries away from curious fingers and mouths. The rechargeable model comes in a wide range of pediatric colors.

Each Roger Focus is supplied with : 1 x Roger Focus mains charger, 2 x Slim Tube HE size 00 (1 left, 1 right), 1 x Open dome size small.

Less distraction

Improves access to the speaker’s voice so the user can concentrate

Enhanced understanding

Research shows an improvement in speech understanding by an average of 53%

Volume control

Volume that's easily adjustable by the user, for optimal comfort and understanding

Tough enough

Resistant to water and dust, so nothing gets in the way of daily life

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    Phonak Roger Focus II – because everybody deserves the chance to focus – Appropriate for children and adults with normal hearing who struggle to understand in noisy environments. Wireless systems such as Phonak Roger Focus II have been proven to help with unilateral hearing loss auditory processing disorders and autism spectrum disorder.

    Phonak Roger Focus II is an easy-to-use product that sends the speaker’s voice directly into the wearer’s ears.

    • Cuts out distracting noise
    • Improves speech understanding by an average of 53%
    • Is a lightweight, discreet behind-the-ear receiver
    • Has a volume control
    • Is water and dust resistant (IP57)
    • Available as a rechargeable or battery driven model

    Phonak Roger Focus II – how it works – the speaker uses a Phonak Roger transmitter, while the wearer has discreet Phonak Roger Focus behind-the-ear receivers. The microphone ‘hears’ and clarifies the speaker’s words, before sending the instructions directly to the Phonak Roger Focus receivers and into the wearer’s ears.

    The rechargeable version ships with a charging unit and costs more to purchase than the 312 battery version, the extra cost is offset to a degree because you do not then need to purchase batteries to power it along with the convenience aspect.

    Focus Receiver Type?

    Roger Focus II Rechargeable Version, Roger Focus II-312 Battery Version


    Alpine White, Biege, Blue Ocean, Lava Red, Majesty Purple, Caribbean Pirate, Electric Green, Precious Pink, Silver Grey, Velvet Black

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