Phonak DECT Phone


Phonak DECT Phone

The cordless phone that automatically transmits calls to your hearing aids

Best speech understanding

Transmits phone conversations directly to both hearing aids

No extra device needed

Plus, no need to manually change your hearing aid programs

Direct dial button

Quick, easy dialing of your preferred number

Hands-free mode

So you can get on with other activities while you talk

One for all

Also suitable for people with no hearing loss


The Phonak DECT is a cordless phone that can be used by the whole family and is unique in its ability to connect automatically and wirelessly with Phonak hearing aids.

Up to six handsets can be connected to the base, making this phone particularly useful for small offices. A 300m (950 ft) range allows you to walk around and still enjoy excellent sound quality. Plus, it’s suitable for people with no hearing loss too.



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