Induction Loop Amplifiers

What is an Induction Loop Amplifier?

The induction loop is a small cable that goes round the perimeter of a room or listening area and forms a loop. Both ends of the cable are connected to the output of a specialist design loop amplifier. A current from the loop amplifier powers the cable and the amplifier gets its signal from a direct sound source. This can be a microphone or a connection into a TV, PA system, laptop or DVD player.

The resulting electric current in the induction loop produces a magnetic field. The hearing aid user can pick up this field when they switch their hearing instrument to the T position. The user is then able to hear audible sound very clearly. Overspill may occur when a loop system is being used, whereby the signal from the loop reaches outside the loop area. This means that privacy cannot be guaranteed in a room where a loop is fitted

Advantages of the Induction Loop Amplifier

Unlimited number of hearing aid users can benefit from an induction loop amplifier as long as they each have their hearing aids set to ‘T’ or they are using a loop listener (see image to the right) via headphones. No receivers are required to hear the benefits of an induction loop system. You are not wired to any other equipment so you are free to move around and listen from anywhere within the range of the induction loop. The induction loop system can be installed in an entire building, within a single room, or even in a vehicle. Induction loops are available in portable systems. These cases are easy to assemble and highly portable

Why We Use Univox

Gordon Morris installs UniVox loop systems in a variety of locations. UniVox amplifiers are produced by Bo EDIN AB. Bo EDIN AB are major players in the induction loop field, continuously developing new and improved loop amplifiers and professional measurement equipment. Gordon Morris understands the varying requirements that users have and can design a system for use in almost any location. All we need to know are the approximate dimensions of the area to be covered. The induction loop system will need a mains power supply and can also be linked into a public address or audio system.

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