Support For Disability Officers

How we help Disability Officers

We work closely with you to ensure that those who have a hearing loss can participate as equals alongside those who can hear.

All too often, a hearing aid on its own is not enough. It’s fine for 1-2-1 conversations with people who are nearby, but the limitations of the hearing aid soon become apparent in the classroom, lecture theatre, council chamber or sports hall.

We provide personal assistive listening devices for the student (or staff), loop systems (fixed or portable) and other sound enhancement technologies for a wide range of spaces and places. Ranging from small seminar rooms to large lecture theatres, we have a track record of installing successful solutions at a range of UK Colleges, Universities and Councils.

We work closely with Disability Needs Assessors involved with the Disability Student Allowance and Access to Work schemes to determine individual needs, provide trial equipment and support in the recommendation of the most suitable equipment.

If you have a specific person or location that needs to be considered – we’re here to help.
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