Univox PLS 700 Loop Amplifier

£962.00 Excl VAT


Univox PLS 700 Loop Amplifier

£962.00 Excl VAT

The UniVox PLS Range

The Professional Loop Series of amplifiers are designed to be used within the professional environment. The key features of the PLS range are the very high current output, advanced input and output AGC, screwed sockets and effective cooling. With the high current output that the PLS range have, when installed in a Super8TM configuration, they have the capability to cover a much larger area.

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UniVox PLS 700

The PLS 700 loop amplifier delivers an impressive 25Amps (65Amps) at 47Vpp, to cover up to 1800m2, whilst complying to the standard.

Maximum Coverage Area:

  • Super8TM Configuration                                         1800m2
  • 1:1-1:3 Perimeter Loop                                           700m2

The high output current of the PLS-700 facilitates the use of different loop configurations enabling greater flexibility in loop design to provide coverage of larger area’s up to 1800m2 or compensation for signal losses caused by construction metal. The most suitable and practical configurations are single turn perimeter loops, 2 turn perimeter loops and multi-loops. Housed in a rugged, convection cooled housing, the robust short circuit proof electronics provide quiet, reliable operation backed by a 5 year warranty.

Common Applications

  • Religious Buildings
  • Concert Halls
  • Conference Centres
  • Sports Arenas
  • Exhibition Halls
  • Office Meeting Rooms
  • School/Lecture Theatres
  • Theatres
  • Cinemas

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Professional installation can help maximise the distribution and use of this product and we provide installation servicesfor this hearing amplifier loop system. Free advice and information is just a call away. 01458 272121.

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