Univox CLS-5 Room and Vehicle Loop – 7 inputs inlcuding Optical

£350.00 Excl VAT


Univox CLS-5 Room and Vehicle Loop – 7 inputs inlcuding Optical

£350.00 Excl VAT

DC and mains powered, this high power amplifier is suitable for vehicle and large area applications. Featuring 7 inputs including optical it is the most versatile amplifier on the market.

The CLS-5 is bursting with features and unrivaled power for its class, but it is also one of the most efficient amplifiers on the market.

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  • 7 Inputs Including Optical
  • Dual Power operation ( 240V a.c. and 12V d.c. 24V d.c supplies)
  • Dual Action AGC
  • Rugged metal housing


  • Buses
  • Coaches
  • Lifts
  • Large TV lounges ( 200m2)

For Vehicles:

  • Satisfies all current Automotive EMC standards.
  • Can be operated from 12V d.c. and 24 V d.c. supplies.
  • Anti vibration connections for all connections
  • Line/ mic and optical inputs
  • Hi power- suitable for large vehicles eg buses, coaches and elevators (lifts)
  • New dual stage AGC and equaliser to further enhance speech intelligibility and listening comfort.

For the TV Lounges:

  • TV Synch
  • Auto Scart.
  • Optical/coaxial input
  • Area coverage to 170m2
  • Wall or shelf mounting

About TV synch:

The TV synch function is a practical and simple solution to the problem of video delay. (Video Delay is most noticeable when someone is speaking and their lips do not move in time with the sound i.e. they are out of synchronisation. Unfortunately, this issue is much more common with modern LCD, LED and plasma Televisions.) By simply adjusting the Synch control dial on the unit, perfect synchronisation between lip movement and audio can be restored. Auto SCART connects the CLS-5 in series with the TV and other equipment such as satellite receiver, DVD player, VHS player etc. and automatically switches to the correct audio signal for the loop so you do not have to.

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