Phonak Roger Select Mic with MyLink receiver

£696.00 Excl VAT


Phonak Roger Select Mic with MyLink receiver

£696.00 Excl VAT

Regardless of the manufacturer of your hearing aids or cochlear implant processors, as long you model is fitted and programmed for the Telecoil, you can use and receive all the benefits from using Roger Pen and MyLink Receiver.

  • Hear over distance (school, college, university, work)
  • Chat with a family member or friend
  • Bluetooth for Mobile phone use
  • Audio connection to hear TV, Radio, MP3, PC, Laptop, iPad

Improve speech understanding

By utilizing multiple microphones in six directions, speech is covered in a 360° listening radius. Understanding group conversation in background noise is 61% better than with hearing aids alone.

Feel part of the whole conversation

Placed in the center of a table, it automatically selects the person who is talking and seamlessly switches from one talker to another.

Make wireless phone calls and enjoy listening to TV

Roger Select features wideband Bluetooth® for phone calls. You can also enjoy listening to the TV or multimedia devices such as music players and computers.

Capture every single precious moment

Simply clip it on clothing or hang it around the speaker’s neck to capture moments that matter most.

Connect and go

Once attached to your hearing aid or cochlear implant, you are ready to use any Roger wireless microphone

Roger for everyone

Regardless of what hearing aid or cochlear implant you use, there is a compatible Roger receiver


Roger MyLink is a universal receiver compatible with any hearing aid or cochlear implant with a T-coil.

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