Digi DT20 (1 unit)


Digi DT20 (1 unit)

Plug the small and discreet mini receiver into your hearing aid via an audio shoe, and the Comfort Digisystem reduce background noise, scraping and humming. And you will be able to hear a lot more of what’s important.

Just by using one of the Comfort Digisystem microphones and DT20, you will experience a lot more of the personality, tone and emotion in a conversation – things that matter just as much as the words themselves. Transmission is steady and works on a long range (up to 25 m).

With the DT20 you achieve the incredible speech intelligibility of Comfort Digisystem. The sound is groundbreaking crystal clear, digitally transmitted to your hearing aid and poured into your ear through the mini receiver.



Secure Stream Technology (SST)
Unique digital sound transmission technology which eliminates all transmission noise. Encrypted to prevent eavesdropping.

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