Copper Foil Type 100M

£137.99£192.60 Excl VAT


Copper Foil Type 100M

£137.99£192.60 Excl VAT

The Univox copper tape has been designed specifically for the installation of large induction loop systems, in particular, multi-loop systems such as the Univox Superloop. Insulated and being only 0.2 5mm thick, it can be installed and concealed under most floor finishes such as carpets and linoleum. Its impedance per metre is extremely low but more significant is the low inductance giving much better representation of high frequencies compared to standard cable. Important for the hard of hearing who depend on the higher frequency components of speech for intelligibility. For larger multi-loop and perimeter loop installations wider tapes with even lower impedances/unit length are available. (12.5mm , 18mm and 25mm wide)

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    • 100m Reel
    • ‘No- Tangle’ Dispenser


    • System Installation

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