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Hearing and Audio Solutions for Buildings

Gordon Morris are experts in the provision of assistive hearing products for virtually any hearing environment and can provide a complete package for commercial, industrial, educational, public and religious premises.

With over 30 years experience our audio engineers will analyse your needs and the requirements of the environment you are looking to have a hearing solution in. We will always specify the correct products such as fixed hearing loops, infrared, radio system or portable options based on best practice and value for money. For your chosen equipment we will provide complete installation and setup along with training on using and managing your new equipment.

To ensure your new or existing system is well maintained we also provide a full and comprehensive service package. Our service includes on site system evaluation and testing, service and system updates that will not only safeguard your system but maintain its quality and value.

Did you know that there is an obligation to provide a hearing system in buildings?

The Equality Act 2010 is a law that bans unfair treatment or discrimination and supports equal opportunities in public buildings, the workplace and in general society. The Equality is a law that bans unfair treatment or discrimination and supports equal opportunities in public buildings, the workplace and in general society and protects individuals because of their : Disability, Gender, Race, religion or Belief, Marriage or Civil Partnership, Sexual Orientation, Gender Reassignment.

The Equality Act was further supported by British Standard BS8300, within this standard it sets out that buildings should be designed and constructed to create an accessible and inclusive environment for disabled people, which includes those with a hearing loss. The BS8300 further states that where hearing loops should be installed, the requirement for buildings where the public will visit and the rules used for none compliant business.

The Equality Act defines disability as a physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long term adverse effect on your ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities. If an individual has a hearing loss and this affects their ability to understand another a person speaking clearly over a counter or in an environment where they would have difficulty understanding or following simple verbal instructions. A provision for hearing should be installed to ensure full compliance with the Law and the British Standard.

To ensure your building is fully compliant with the Law please request a free evaluation and advice on the best solution by contacting us on:

Hearing Systems and Loop support, service and maintenance is available?

Public spaces that are using hearing systems such as Loops, infrared and FM require regular service and support to ensure they are duly maintained and delivering quality sound.

If you currently have or are involved with a building that has a hearing system such as a loop and want to ensure it is working well we can offer you a system evaluation and provide the following:

  • Maintenance and Sound check service
  • Product support and servicing
  • Personal training and product advice
  • Repairs and Replacements
  • Upgrades and add-ons

To request advice or to receive a free evaluation and quote for a new or existing hearing or audio system please contact us:

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“The Loop System works very well. 

Several people let us know how much they appreciate the system and the added enjoyment it gives them.”

Clayton & Wayford Village Hall, Somerset.

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